Thinking About Updating Your Portrait or Head Shot

chosen head shot

In this business online ever changing world it is important to present oneself professionally, uniquely and in a style that welcomes potential customers to your website, Facebook page, Pinterest account, Google circles and reflects that image in all your social media and advertising.
My approach to taking portraits is relaxed. If you are most relaxed sitting at your desk then that might be the best environment for your head shot. Why not go for a walk in your neighbourhood park or jaunt to the beach or even the mall. The background can be out of focus and create atmosphere and excitement in your pic. Or maybe the “look” you are after is more graphic, think Andy Warhol or high contrast imagery.
Is your business a service to your customers then we should photograph you meeting with people, doing your job. In this context the “portrait” could be expanded to day in the life of the business owner or supporting shots used in other marketing initiatives. Is it important for people viewing to your Facebook page to see your family or accomplishments then perhaps we can create a collage or montage of images?
Maybe there is a favourite painting you have painted or poster that encapsulates what you do then we can set the portrait up with a green screen background and change it to your favoured image for the final portrait.
I like to find out what the head shot is to be used for, what are your company colours, what audience is your primary market will the photo be used in conjunction with a logo or banner and importantly how often you plan to update your image. Some people feel a yearly head shot is the answer, others rely on graphics that is up to three years old.
My rates are simple. $80 per hour. Most headshots require 2 hours, One to meet to take photos and the second for postproduction and getting the images to you: Burn a CD, memory stick, upload to application, create graphics and context.

From a variety of poses choose the photo that works to best reflect your image

A little photoshop magic and the background as well as the subject comes alive

Violent Summer Storms

Flash Flood1

Flash Flood Nelson

I was travelling in the Kootenys this past week. The people I met were great, friendly and helpful to obvious tourists with cameras like myself. The scenery is beautiful and I was lucky to get some good photos.

I was in Nelson the day of the flash flood. I stopped at the Wal-Mart (mostly because it was just drizzling and I thought it was simpler to get out of the rain) to get a few supplies. When I was at the cash I noticed just how hard it was raining and texted my husband to come to the front entrance. I hopped into the jeep and we left up the exit ramp. The Wal-Mart in Nelson is situated on the bottom of the hill facing the river. The exit ramp had muddy water gushing over the street to reach the bottom of the vehicle. The sky was black. The parking lot was lake-like. There were cars driving in water up to the doors. It had all happened so fast. The next street up Vernon? was also full of water. I could see water fountaining from the storm drains. I could not believe that there was this much water at an elevation that was so much higher. We were going back to Castelgar and passed a police car parked on the side of the highway with flashing lights posted near water pouring over the rock face. In the other direction an ambulance with sirens was going to the aid of someone caught in the storm. As it turned out it was going meet the cop car to close the highway. We would have been one of the last through before they closed the highway.
On our way back to home in Port Coquitlam we stopped in Grand Forks, again so I could take some pictures. There was not a hint in the sky of how sinister the weather would turn out that day. I feel for the people digging out from the damage of the storm and the family of the bible camp kid that lost his life.
We passed 2 accidents, an SUV flipped and a truck that lost his load of cut logs. Both accidents were because of extreme rain and soft or washed out shoulders. It seems we cannot take for granted weather and call upon past memories and recollections of the things were to predict how they will be again.



Warm Glow

This is a Photoshop enhanced image. Two photo are sandwiched together. There is a light on the desk in my bedroom and every time I look up from my bed I see the glow of the light and how it reflects on the stuff on my desk. The ceramic "figure" was the arms of a sculpture my son did when he was 5.

Year in review

As a new twitterer Shorterdigital I thought I should take stock of what exactly has caught my eye to retweet and what to expect of my tweets in 2012. As a photographer I am drawn to beautiful images. I wish I could have been there and seen it in the wild. Equally I want to share the images I have found with an appreciative audience.
Here are what I thought was the most amazing images of our earth.
My favourite photo of the National Geographic Contest
Here are my picks with a journalistic approach.
View the stunning Time-Lapse of Iceland’s Northern Lights – The Atlantic
For comparison view photos of Japan six months after the earthquake and tsunami:
I was captivated photos of Hindu Festivals by Alan Taylor from In Focus – The Atlantic

proud to be the winner of the People’s Choice Award

From My Art

Seguy Hidden Butterflies
originated from a photo I took of a Bear Claw Plant. I could not believe the plant was from this part of this world. My imagination took over and I saw the flower having wings of art deco butterflies, melding together, with large insects crawling under the foliage.

From My Art

This is first my painting in 20 years. Having drawn and painted all my life it came as a surprise that it has been so long. I am pleased to be part of Art Focus Group and painting again. As a practicing artist I was part of the active art scene painting murals and exhibiting in group shows in Victoria. I later focused on graphic design and illustration. Most recently my creative endeavors have been behind the lens and on the computer.

I was reinventing my painting as I went along. The process felt arduous. I wanted to express movement, master colour blending, and bring aspects out of the depths of the shadows. I also wanted to show brush strokes but stay tight expressing texture and mood with a limited colour pallet. It took more than a year to paint (with 6 months on hold trying to figure out what to do next). I had to relearn acrylic paint, mediums and brushes. At one point I realized it could be years to finish with the detail I had in mind. I went to a Seguy book of prints I had in my personal library: the book pages were stuck together from some point in my past when books in a box got wet. Since the book as it was unusable and I am an ardent recycler I began to cut out silhouettes of butterflies and put them on the canvass blending them in to the leaves just like camoflage as I seen in my mind’s eye when I photographed the Bear Claw plant and my imagination wandered.

At opening night I was approached by woman who liked my painting. Family and friends have asked questions about the artwork as I went along (mostly they could see the results as I progressed) but she was truly amazed by the painting and intrigued by the creative process. It was an odd experience for the first time, having a fan. I am proud to be the winner of the People’s Choice Award, my painting being appreciated and voted by my neighbours and fellow artists at the exhibition.

About E. A. Seguy or Eugene Alain Seguy. He was one French designers at the beginning of the 20th century, working in both the Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles, he published many design folios utilizing the pochoir technique, a printing process that employs a series of stencils to lay dense and vivid color. I used prints of butterflies from his Papillons & Insects both issued in (1924)

Occupy Wall Street Reflections

Democracy has been in the forfront. As people that realize their dissatisfaction with institutions that given the financial sector huge bailouts and the 1% grows richer and richer they have taken to Wall Street and a movement has grown. David Suzuki states the economy is just a means to something else. If we want to stop climate change we need to make the enviroment part of the equation. Carbon Credits? By putting a value on greenhouse gas emissions, businesses can leverage new investments in infrastructure, innovate new technologies, and develop energy management systems to unlock the value of efficiency and conservation. Stop serving the corporation agenda! And some of the 1% have started to listen.